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Los Seminarios y Coloquios que tendrán lugar próximamente así como las ponencias anteriores se encuentran en IAC Talks

Comisión de Seminarios: Michael Beasley, Adriana de Lorenzo-Cáceres, Hans Deeg, José Eduardo Méndez Delgado, Francesca Pinna, Maitane Urrutia Aparicio

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  • Solar-terrestrial relations – combined remote sensing and in-situ data

    The Sun is an active star that influences the Earth as well as the entire solar system. Most dynamic phenomena on the Sun are observed as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and flares. CMEs present massive clouds of magnetized plasma having speeds up to a few thousand km/s, that may propagate over Sun-Earth distance within less than a day and may cause

    Manuela Temmer


  • Probing black hole-galaxy co-evolution from de-biased scaling relations

    It has been claimed for decades that almost all galaxies in the local Universe host at their centre a supermassive black hole (SMBH) the mass of which appears to be tightly correlated with the stellar mass and the random motion ("velocity dispersion", sigma) of the stars in the host galaxy. In this talk I will first review the state of the art in

    Francesco Shankar