“The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons”

- Edwin Hubble –

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  • Daniel Nóbrega Siverio, postdoctoral researcher at the IAC. Credit: Carmen del Puerto (IAC).
    Daniel Nóbrega Siverio, an IAC researcher, wins European Physical Society prize
  • One of the main pyramidal buildings of the central square of Caral, whose major axis is oriented parallel to the Supe river, and towards the major southern lunastice. Credit: A. César González-García (Incipit-CSIC).
    Astronomy and Landscape in the city of Caral, the oldest city in the Americas
  • Firma del acuerdo de gestión del Centro de Visitantes
    Agreement on the management of the Roque de los Muchachos Visitor Centre
  • The presence of ionized gas around galaxies with moves with them leaves a trace in the microwave background radiation (left panel) which can be detected knowing the pattern of velocities of the galaxies provided by the map of fluctuations in their redshift (right panel). Credit: Carlos Hernández-Monteagudo (IAC).
    New light on baryonic matter and gravity on cosmic scales
    Launch of Europe’s largest astronomy network
  • Artistic recreation of a hypothetical exoplanet with artificial lights on the night side. Credit: Rafael Luis Méndez Peña/Sciworthy.com
    Ideas for future NASA missions searching for extraterrestrial civilizations


  • IAC 2021 International Scholarships Program

    Becas Internacionales para Licenciados y/o Graduados Convocatoria de 2021 PLAZO: 9 de Abril de 2021 1.- Objetivo El Objetivo de este programa es preparar a licenciados y/o graduados recientes

  • Six Summer Grants at IAC Astronomical Research

    The IAC (Tenerife, Spain) invites applications for SIX Summer Grants in Astrophysics. The research topics pursued at the IAC include most areas of Astrophysics: Solar Physics, Planetary Systems