Exceptional measures adopted by the IAC because of the coronavirus COVID-19

Exceptional measures adopted by the iac because of the coronavirus COVID-19

Closure of the Headquarters and the Observatories of the IAC

To apply the latest measures adopted by the Government of Spain because of the health crisis due to the coronavirus illness COVID-19 the Management Committee of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) has decided to go ahead to close the headquarters and the observatories run by the Institute from Monday 30th March until 9th April.

The IAC will keep functioning using on-line working and the following services which may require the presence of qualified personnel, will be guaranteed:

  • Maintenance services to ensure the correct conservation of the equipment of the IAC and of the user institutions of the Observatories.
  • Technical maintenance and resolving problems to guarantee the supply and the connectivity of the headquarters and the Observatories.
  • Maintenance of the information systems and recovery of data.
  • Support actions which may be urgently needed to resolve situations which could entail danger to the health of the workers and/or the integrity of the installations. 

Security will be guaranteed via the services of invigilation contracted for that purpose. The telescopes which belong to the IAC or are under the responsibility of the IAC will suspend operations, but will be able to receive the technical maintenance which may be needed to guarantee their correct conservation.

Details of the measures:

ON-LINE WORKING. This form of work, to carrying out essential services.

MAXIMUM OPERABILITY OF THE IAC COMPUTER SYSTEMS. Operations and working are guaranteed.

LA PALMA SUPERCOMPUTER. It will be kept fully operational.

CLOSURE OF THE OBSERVATORIES. All operations will be closed, including the Residence and the services. Minimum maintenance services will be kept to ensure the integrity of the installations. A 24 hour invigilation service has been contracted for both observatories (24 hour security in both headquarters has been assured since the beginning of the state of Alarm). The user institutions are informed of the whole process of closure via the Administrators of the Observatories. A daily cleaning service will be provided for these security services in the high mountains.

HEADQUARTERS OF THE IAC (CENTRAL HEADQUARTERS AND CALP). These two headquarters will be completely closed. Only the security personnel will remain, with cleaning services for these security services twice a week in the Central Headquarters.

COLLECTION AND SENDING OUT OF GOODS. No goods will be either sent out or collected, in principle until 9th April. The government's measures affect the IAC and the suppliers, make this activity impossible. 

PAYMENTS IN CASH. These are suspended until 9th April.

COLLECTION AND PROCESSING OF BILLS ON PAPER. These are suspended. Only electronic billing will be accepted https://iac.sede.gob.es/ or of the common Electronic Register of the AGE.

MORE INFORMATION AND DETAILS: consultas [at] iac.es


We will continue informing via our web https://www.iac.es/ and on social media, attending to communications media and giving astronomical assessment at the email address prensa [at] iac.es

Thanks for your understanding and collaboration.

Together, all of us will overcome this world health crisis more quickly and better.